NIGHT DRAINAGE The night drainage bottle and bag are an ideal solution for night drainage. The night drainage bottle has a 2 litre capacity incorporating the little red valve anti-reflux device. The night drainage bottle has a wide base and the top connector of the night drainage bottle is free wheeling to compensate for any movement during the night.  
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 The UROCARE drainage bottle is specifically designed to be part of a urinary drainage system for incontinence overnight. The Urocare drainage bottle has the parented 'little red valve' anti-reflux system. The bottle is designed to be highly durable and the bottle and all its components can be washed with a urinary appliance cleaner.
Each bottle has a measured 2 litre capacity (with an extra 750ml buffer).
 The UROCARE night/bed 2 litre drainage bag is manufactured to the UROCARE standard. The 2 litre bag is designed for night/bed drainage for overnight incontinence issues. Bottle accessories include sterile tubing, bottle lid, little red valve and a top adaptor. All other parts of the bottle can be replaced such as the lid, little red valve and the top adaptor. This will increase the life of the high grade PVC bottle.    
 NIGHT DRAINAGE BOTTLE - accessories     
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 Vinyl extension tubing
Replacement tubing for the night drain bottle. Sterile tubing that connects the night drain bottle directly to catheter or a leg bag. 152cm6060 
 Replacement bottle lid
The bottle lid is supplied with each UROCARE night drain bottle One size only 4101 
 Standard top adaptor
The standard top adaptor is supplied with each UROCARE night drain bottle. This part can be bought as a replacement part when required One size only 6003 
 Little red valve
The anti-relux system valve that is inserted into the top of the bottle lid. Fits all UROCARE latex bags and night drain bottle 6001 
 Gasket rings
Used to create a seal if the little red valve is absent Fits all UROCARE latex bags and night drain bottle 6000 
 Urinary drainage bottle hooks
no picture available
Urinary drainage hooks are supplied with each purchase of the UROCARE night drainage bottle. 1 set per pack 4102 
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