Welcome to Sayco Pty Ltd website. Sayco is an Australian company that has been providing incontinence product solutions for males and females since 1984. Sayco has a range of incontinence products options for female and male incontinence. Sayco hopes the www.sayco.net.au website will assist you with suitable and relevant incontinence products..   
 Leg bags  Male Incontinence Products 

Seamless, reusable Urocare long term wear leg bags made out of durable medical grade latex. Urocare also make strong vinyl Urosafe leg bags designed for use in the community. 

Dribble Stop® - A male incontinence clamp device ideal for male incontinence issues such as after prostate surgery.

Male Sheaths - A convenient and non invasive way for men to have an effective urinary drainage system for Male Incontinence. Freedom Clear, Freedom Clear LS, Freedom Clear SS, Clear Advantage,Urocath,Freedom Cath, Active Cath.

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 Night/bed drainage  Intermittent catheters -Male/Female 
 Long term use Urocare night drain bottles and night drainage bags specifically designed to be part of a urinary drainage system. The Urocare Night Drain Bottle is easily cleaned and cost effective. IS Cath range for for men and women. Intermittent self catheterisation. IS Cath provides a convenient and cost effective option to manage specific incontinence issues for males and females. 
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